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Since 2009, Councilman Tom Diviny has been serving the residents of Orangetown on the Town Board

and working hard to make our community the best place to live, work, and raise a family in Rockland County.


Here's what Tom has accomplished during his time in office to protect and preserve Orangetown:

•Kept Orangetown under the New York State imposed 2% tax cap in previous budgets and been a key part of why the Town Board has never gone over the tax cap.

•Made Orangetown more attractive to outside economic development, resulting in the creation of more jobs and increased tax rateables in the town.

•Established a parks fee for nonresidents to ensure that they contribute to the upkeep of our parks while not placing the burden on our residents.

•Secured the approval of a full-time police officer with the DEA to effectively deal with the prescription drug problem facing our community.

•Ensured that the Rockland Psychiatric Center (RPC) property was put to good use while avoiding high density

housing proposals. Tom worked with the Town, in partnership with private organizations, to transform parts of the property into a state of the art athletic fields. Doing this led the NYC Football Club to open their training complex at the property.

Along with the training complex, Tom also worked with the Town Board to attract Chase to open a data center at the property, therefore giving Orangetown another low-impact, high value ratable.

•Established a Landlord Registry to ensure that our rules are followed, tenants are cared for, absentee landlords

are held to task, and corporate or LLC ownership is not used as a mask to prevent individual accountability. To support these efforts, Tom drafted a law requiring all landlords to register with the Town.

•Established a No-Knock Registry to prevent aggressive solicitation of home sales and “blockbusting.”

•Updated the Lot Size and Parking Requirements for Schools and Houses of Worship to ensure proper safety.

•Established the Entity Disclosure Law that requires full disclosure of entities appearing in front of Town Land

Use Boards that also insures compliance with Town Codes.

•Created the Orangetown Land Trust to institutionalize a process to preserve our community’s major

land assets and passed legislation to fund the purchase of major properties that are potentially “under threat."

•Revised Fines for Individuals/Corporations Who Violate Orangetown Town Code to increase the maximum

penalties for individuals and Corporations/LLC’S who violate Town Code.

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