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Orangetown is our home and must do everything we can to advocate and protect our community,
including electing strong leaders like Tom to represent us on the Town Board.


If you agree and would like for Tom get re-elected,

here's how you can help:

Orangetown needs you to help get Tom's message out to fellow residents. Whether you can volunteer full-time, part-time, or only for a few hours; you will be making a difference for Orangetown.
Social Media
Are you on Facebook? If so, liking and sharing his posts with your friends and in local community groups will help us increase the reach of Tom's message. Click here to like Tom's Facebook page. 
Endorse Tom
Another way that you can help share Tom's message online is by providing us with an online endorsement. Fill out the form below and let us know why you will be re-electing Councilman Diviny in November.
Donations help our team continue to get Tom's message out and ensures that Orangetown will have his continued strong leadership on the Town Board. Donate today to let Tom know that you support him and the work that he is doing for our community.

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