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For over a decade, I've been dedicated to safeguarding and preserving Orangetown.

“I’ve used my legal expertise to drive

fiscal accountability, responsible economic growth and smart land use. I’ve always supported our law enforcement and first responders.


I'm deeply committed to Orangetown,

and I'm taking that commitment to the County level. I want to ensure that you

have a strong voice in county matters.

That's why I'm asking for your vote for County Legislator - District 16.”


-Councilman Tom Diviny

For 14 years, Tom Diviny has had the honor of serving our community on the Orangetown Town Board.


Throughout his service, Tom has gained a deep understanding of the challenges that

both Orangetown and Rockland County face, and his track record reflects tangible results

and unwavering protection for our residents.

As a lifelong Orangetown resident, a husband, a father, an elected official, and a small business owner –

Tom is deeply committed and has strong ties to our community. Tom's resolute dedication is to tirelessly

protect and uphold the values of Orangetown, simultaneously representing its interests in the

County Legislature. Tom's record speaks for itself, consistently demonstrating my unwavering

commitment to the people's needs, as evidenced by four re-elections to the Town Board.

Early voting begins on October 28th and November 7th is Election Day.


Make a plan to vote to send Tom Diviny to the Rockland County Legislature

to ensure that Orangetown has the strong representation it deserves!

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